Digital Signage Templates


graphicriver is great place with almost everything a designer could wish for. However it lacks templates for digital signage industry. I think it would be great if designers could contribute to this fast growing industry. I was looking for Digital signage template in full HD 1920x1080 screen resolution for the fast food, takeaway industry.



What kind of file do you need?

Is it as same as a regular flyer/signage and the only unique request is the res (FHD) ?

if so, you can use a lot of designs that have higher res and modify it to your needs.


I need PSD file Specially designed for Digital Signage purpose. Single screen menu that has decent layout to display specials also has area for logo or multi screen menu for up to 4x full HD screens to fit full menu.

I will look into normal flyers and see if I can modify it for 1920x1080 resolution.

I still think this marketplace should have separate category for Digital Signage templates (1280x720, 1920x1080) for various industries including, Education, Financial, Healthcare, Restaurants, Retail, Corporate, Entertainment, Government, Hospitality, Transportation.

Photoshop and After Effects projects would be suitable tools for this type of work.

I know I would buy them & lot more people in my position would also welcome such templates.



Are you looking for something like this?

I’m not a digital presentation expert, but it sounds like a lot of this work needs to be done in AE, like animation. Try the link above if you’re looking for a template.



Most of the digital signage solutions work with a fixed background, with spaces allotted to cycle through videos/images/info. So basically looking for background templates for LCD aspect ratios. DS run standard html, images and videos so you can not run animations with special software.


yes no doubt , digital signage solutions work with a fixed background, but some time it looks odd, and no doubt there are few templates available on digital signage, HD templates works great if you want display signage products on it.