Digital product template

Good Day I need a website template, that can do the following, of if you could recommend a theme with plugins?

This is for a Digital Marketing in the Real Estate Industry:

I need membership options with recurring monthly payments

  • Once a member purchase one of the packages
  • I want them to be able to see (but unable to download) all the digital products they can make use of,
  • They then need to be able to get access to a number of products per month depending on the package they choose.
  • All the designs would need to be available for pre-view and I need a “customisation” button for each design that will provide a form for them to complete - giving me the details for that specific product to customize it…

eg. There will be 3 “Sellers Guide Templates” they can preview and choose from
once they decide on a style they will then need to complete the agency and agent details along with submitting there company logo once this is submitted - my designer will edit there details on template and email it to the client.

I would also need to be able to create multiple stand alone landing/lead capture pages see sample:

This will definitely need custom creating.

If you have a sensible budget then I would suggest looking at

Thank you charlie - will do