Digital Library and E-commerce for e-book,e-magazine

Dear Sir,
We are a offline magazine company selling subscriptions by case,cheques now we wish to go digital.

For which we require a website theme where we can do following things priority wise.

  1. E-commerce Display all the magazine, category wise, and free content and paid content.
  2. User management - Download limit per user
  3. Online reader for digital magazine
  4. Manage users subscriptions
  5. Coupons and discounts.

Digital Copy of Magazine
Hardware - Kits , Components
Digital CD

Platform : Wordpress

Please let me know if there is any theme related to my requirements.
Also, I am open to collaborate with Freelancers, Website Development Teams ,or whatever works.

Thanks for reading and best wishes for New Year to everybody.

Thanks and Regards,

Hello there,

My latest themes allows some of the features that you need but also may need some custom work.
If you’re interested in, it doesn’t have to be my themes, you could choose any other themes at ThemeForest, feel free to contact me for the details

Here’s my contact information : gmail(at)