Digiphic Studio Got "Weekly Top Sellers" Badge



Hi Everyone,

Digiphic Studio have unlocked a new badge “Weekly Top Sellers” for “170 Titles Animations Bundle” product on videohive.net

We are thankful for our customers for their support.

We appreciate your trust, and we’ll do our best to continue to give you the kind of products you deserve.

Digiphic Studio


Hi @DigiPhic That’s great achievement, Congratulations :sparkles: I checked your items, it is pretty cool. You are true professional. :slight_smile: Can I ask you to do links to the music in your description in items? Thus you are helping musicians. That’s will be great, man. :thumbsup: Thanks.
Wish you many sales and creative inspiration :slight_smile:


Congratulations. Great achievement. Good luck for more sales. :slight_smile:


Dear AliveSound
Thanks for your comment.

Yes, Why not ?
Of course we provide links to musics inside PDF files, But this is good suggestion and we will add links to sound files in project description too.

Many thanks for your comment.
And we wish you many sales too AliveSound :blush:


Thank you very much janxcode_team :grinning:


Congratulations :clap: on this very interesting and wonderful Items.:+1:


Thank you very much loghmanmaroofi8 :blush:

We hope you get this badges for your products too :smiley:


Congratulation @DigiPhic, really nice and professional item … :clap:


Thank you very much :blush: