DigiPhic Reached to "Author Level 3" in VideoHive



We are happy to say that today (16 Sep 2015) DigiPhic reached to Author Level 3 in VideoHive.net

We want to thank Envato Community for their great supports and also thanks to all Buyers.

We hope all buyers are satisfied with our products and they will be our customers for next products too.

We try to reach to Author Level 4 before the end of 2015 !
This is our next GOAL!!! :blush:

We ask all Videohive users (Buyers and Authors) to visit DigiPhic Profile on videohive.net to see our products.

Best Wishes,


Congratulations and Good Luck :wink:


Thank you very much UDX :smile:


Congrats! Good luck with future sales :smile:


Thank you Theme_Paradise :smile:
Same to you :smiley:


congrats guys, just put the level 5 this end of the year because it will going to rock sales in upcoming dates :smile:


Many thanks for your comment.
This is very good suggestion.

We will do our best to reach to Author Level 5 !!! Why not ?!!!

Thank you :smile:


Congratulations DigiPhic !!!


Thank you RnRVFX :smiley:


Congratulations! :clap:


Thank you very much :grinning: :blush:


Congratulations. Iā€™m sure you will surpass the level 4 this holiday :smile:


Thank you DigitalFeather :blush: