Difficulty uploading my purchased lower third unto premiere

I need help.I want to simply import a lower third file unto my premiere pro cc (to my essential Graphics panel) which is the new text editor for 2018 premiere that I currently use.

When i search for it through premiere and want to import each item, it shows nothing is present in the folder, While the lower third/transition folders have items in them as far as i can tell.

Any advice!

what format is the file you are looking for? Make sure the file formats available can find that particular one. I am not a “premier guy” but that has bitten me in the past. If you can change the format option to ALL FILES, you should see it then and it may not work if/once imported

I need the file to be in MOGRT format, that is the format for all the text file on premier 2018. So to import it successfully there, I need it in MOGRT format.

I don’t understand what you mean by changing the format option, how do I do that?If I could change the files to MOGRT format, I would.


Infact I just saw a video where they converted finished lower third and transitions to mogrt on adobe effect. It has that option.

I don’t have adobe effect though.

that is the video