Difficulty in submitting the file.

The item I am sending to the packaging is being rejected, I have sent several times differently and I do not know what else to do.

The item is being rejected or you are not even being able to submit them?

If it’s simply a case of items being rejected for what ever reasons then you should share demos of the items here for feedback.

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They are just being rejected

If you share a demo link/preview here and the message the reviewer is sending you then people can offer more useful advice

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Cool I’ll send

Ok so it was hard rejected - have you got a demo image of the item?


step by step

Can it be the documentation

Not for a hard rejection, but documentation is required

I’ m not a designer so not best placed to explain things but it does appear (to me as an untrained expert) to be quite basic.

Sorry I can’t offer more useful insight

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Can you help me with the documentation part

You really need someone with more design expertise who understands more about what to include.

You can always download the file of the month from the grpahicriver marketplace (the bottom of the page) and look a how they have filled it out

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