Different versions / logos of the same tune



Hi, i already have tunes in my portfolio that have different versions included in the one license. But what if I wanted to take that further - if I had a tune that had potential for lots of different lengths, indents, logos, background versions etc etc.
is it appropriate to upload these all separately or should they all be together in the same license?
Hope this makes sense!


They need to be noticeably different files - not sure different lengths, backgrounds etc constitute this


No, it’s not appropriate to upload versions separately. I’ve had several rejections stating it’s NOT OK to for example upload a separate Logo based on an existing track. There is a point to this, since otherwise people would quite possibly be diluting the marketplace with a multitude of items that are stemming from the same idea.

Versions within the item is a good start. You can have up to 5 versions of the same track in a single item. After that, if you want to provide your buyers with even more options, I would consider making a Music Kit.


Understood, thanks for the replies!