Different reasons to reject a theme from different reviewers.

The first soft reject says that the theme it looks too similar to other items.

A third soft rejection from a different reviewer says I need to concentrate on improving typography making me to think that after three soft rejections and after making the required fixes and improvements, the “too similar to other items” issue disappeared.

But on the fourth soft theme rejection from a different reviewer the theme was rejected again with the same reason: “it looks too similar to what we already include on Marketplace:” I’am are downright confused and completely disoriented.

It’s unpleasant enough that every reviewer has different view on a item review.
What should I do in this situation? Not to mention that even last approved magazine themes have a design quite similar to all the others, mine is totally different from them.

No offense, but is there a way to ask for another review of my theme with making any changes? I just need another opinion from another reviewer.
Thank you for suggestion.

Please remember: Envato Says: it depends on reviewer to approve a template. Means if you done a good job and reviewer does not like your design so item will not approve. Actually reviewer thinks that no body is talented and creative than him.


Now seriously, we cannot complain anywhere on this kind of situations? I refuse to believe that the opinion of a reviewer on a item is perfect.

I mean a reviewer thinks something and another something else. How do you pleasure all? I think it was better if one reviewer deal with a single item because different opinions are make you become confused.

The truth always agreed with the views of the reviewers, I would like to see his work to believe otherwise.


I would also like to see if reviewer himself is capable of reviewing others work, a person without aesthetic sense himself or coding knowledge knows the effort and time behind the hard work, but a person 9-5 as job can simply reject anything because HE doesn’t like it…

No offense to the authors, but some of currently featured items are pathetic with negative aesthetic sense, I cant believe those were even approved but also HAND picked by envato, all I can say is WOW…

One reviewer asks you change X and the other reviewer thinks X was good now need to change Y and again another thinks its all messed up… It would have been good if only one reviewer is assigned to any new product so we can work with him until its accepted/rejects.