Different color versions in a file or different file

I made a logo and want to submit 6 different color versions. So am I need to save different files for different colors or in a single file for all versions?

I do it in one file :grin:

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Hello @Logokamu
i uploaded AI and EPS 10 Formats, CMYK
But its got rejected Continuously (14 logos)
Can you tell me how i have to give the file and which formats
Thank you

if talking about rejection, I think it’s not from the file we sent, because in my experience, if the file is experiencing an error it will get soft reject. and if talking how much rejection I received while in GR for less than a year was more than 300 rejection I received. keep trying and trying to find new things that’s the key. Good luck ! :grin:


Thank you …You mean the logo should be unique?

I think so. and remember, unique does not have to go through a difficult process … sometimes we think it is unlikely to be accepted that it will be accepted. :grinning:

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ok thanks

you’re welcome :wink:

Hey Yuan, normally u are right , but u cannot make sure that people feel a bit half hearted about the work and make the most of this organisational mistake to get rid of it … , in addition, things have changed greatly lastly in terms of reviewing and this is hard to make sure about anything indeed

Yes I agree about that my best friend … maybe it is only God and reviewer who knows meaning about quality standards #lol :smiley:


@n2n44,@Logokamu you guys are right, I also could not understand the quality standard of GR, it’s very hard to understand. I was thinking I can manage the quality standard but I was totally wrong.
If I submit 10 quality works and thinking at list half of work would definitely be approved for the sale then it would be a big thinking mistake.


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so stop working hard and go to pray lol

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Hi Logomaku, Can you give me feedback about my logos?
These are some my logo but they have got rejected. I don’t know the reason. Maybe are they unbalanced or similar existed item (I don’t copy any idea) ?
Thank you.

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