Difference between Week's stats and balance

Hi everyone,

I encounter a problem regarding the Week’s stats and the main balance.

When I sell an item, I don’t get the same amount in my balance than the week’s stats.

It’s bigger in the balance.

I have this “problem” since the new support launching.

Is someone could give me more info?

Thanks! :blush:

Like badges, or the sales in the list of top authors, the weekly sales stats probably don’t update continuously, but once or maybe a few times a day. I could be wrong, but that would be my guess.

Alright, that’s possible but it would be great to correct this…


For my last sale, I have done a small calculation and I can’t understand how the Week’s stats are found. For the balance, it seems to be Okay but definitely not for the Week’s stat :smile:

I confirm!

Clearly, there is a mis-calculation here!

I didn’t had any refund on my statement this month but there’s around $500 difference between balance and weekly stats (considering same days in week)!