Didn't receive payment via SWIFT Bank Transfer! :-(

Hello Staffs,

I’m Gobinda Halder from SOHDesign. For the first time, I was to use SWIFT Bank Transfer. On 15th August, Envato mailed me that they have processed the payout. And according to the SWIFT Bank Transfer’s condition, it may take 2-3 business days to be transferred the payout. And today is the 5th day after the payout has been processed but didn’t receive the payout. :frowning:

Could you guys help me in any way, please?

Thanks in advance,
Gobinda Halder, SOHDesign.

Friday, yesterday and today… are 2 business days, tomorrow is 3 business days.

Thanks for the reply. Just received the payout. :smile:

hi is this rentable for u to use this payment method? unless u have really huge sales bank transfer are costing a lot … and as they have monthly payment in all marketplaces now, so u have to pay for fees on more regular basis now