Didn't got collector badge


I have collected 10+ item, but didn’t got collector badge…

Envato does not give any badge for this. There is no such badge.
If you mean the “collector” badge, then it is given when you buy items


If you purchased item from envato market then should to unlocked Collector Level badge. So, in that case you can contact Envato support.


hi how long did u do indeed? as it takes time to get it after u supposedly unlock. U may have to disconnect and reconnect as well so that the badge appears

Thank you so much!!!

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Thanks @mgscoder !!!

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but contacting help center maybe unuseful in case the thing s supposed to be unblock just shortly ago …

Mate! things are not as like that. Actually when customer will buy first Item from Envato market then the customer will unlocked Collector Level badge very shortly. Most of the time less than few minutes. By the way thank you.

@n2n44 You offer to make a reversal of 10 items, and then buy them again? Don’t you think that it’sa lil difficult?

hey man , i did not know where u have been reading this kind of thing in what i wrote as this is no where to be found …your comment in thus coming out of the blue. So if i were i would simply try to focus on what is written and not attempt to read between the lines, or i do not know what, when u seem to have no innate talent for such a thing … Neither am i going to push someone to do something illegal … and most importantly something that is not beneficial for authors … Please, also tell me how could a buyer do such a thing without being banned and what would be the benefit for them to try to collect a collector badge … quite frankly i really do not identify what it would be useful for them to do this anyways … getting a badge is only good for someone who wants to stay on the long run and not for some sort of a cheater who would get into troubles after being caught red handed …
Indeed, what i meant by that is “signing out” and “signing back” in . I was told this by a guy in the forums and guess what it worked for me. Now to further comment at what @mgscoder said , well , i have no idea why it would not be the same for buyers and sellers about this kind of issue , once i was supposed to receive a badge and i could collect it after signing in again and as i mentioned i was explained by someone in the forum it would help to have the thing appearing … i tried the badge appeared when it was not beforehand. now, also, as for the last badge that i got , the thing took much of a long while to get it and i do not know what i would not be the same for buyers and obtaining their badge of collector, now , yeah maybe for some reason this is not the same i do not know …

Ou you meant by that is “signing out” and “signing back”. I’ve not quite understood you.
I mean that it seems to me that the author of this topic did not quite understand the rules of getting this badge. In order to get the “Collector Level 2 badge” badge, the user must buy 10 items on Envato market. Not add them to the collection, namely buy.
@MithilaCreation Are you sure you purchased 10 items the day before?

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this is fine misunderstanding happens … maybe i fail to express clearly enough , maybe u did not get it, it doesn’t matter anyway, we may try to help, though, actually, we are not always knowning what is really going on

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Thanks a lot @n2n44, @mgscoder, and @romlam for your help and comment. It realy help me a lot. Thanks again!!!

I have contacted help center and they revert with following message:
" Moving forward with your concern, a Collector Badge gets awarded as soon as you purchase your first item from Envato Market. Since you have not made any purchases from this Envato account MithilaCreation yet, this badge has not been awarded to your account."

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That’s right. That’s what I wrote. No purchases - no badge :man_shrugging:

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