Did you make a video presentation for your music?

Hello everybody! I would like to know what you are doing that video, cartoons, or presentation for your tracks? And how it helps you with sales?
Share your videos here! Make friendly viewing cartoons :))

Here is my. Enjoy watching:)



Cute bears :bear:
Btw, if you use the Affiliate Program you might make some extra :moneybag: and get a badge for that. You really should consider it :wink:

On AudioJungle or YouTube?:slight_smile:

AudioJungle: http://audiojungle.net/affiliate_program

Where did you get the video or did you make it yourself? If so why don’t you upload it to videohive its nice.

Hello! I did this myself. But I think it will not buy on VideoHive

Why not? They buy ukulele songs why wouldn’t buy ukulele videos? Just saying…

Thanks for the advice! I’ll try :slight_smile:

Cool! I was thing about making video for music, but I’m too lazy :slight_smile:

Cute video and nice track!

Thank you! I have not just started this topic! :slight_smile: I want to see your videos too! If you have it, share here! :slight_smile:

Nice work OrangeMusic. I don’t have a video but this has got me thinking about it :slight_smile:

Yes, I use a lot of public domain/stock footage and set it to my music. Sometimes it works better than others, it really depends on the track.


Good work, OrangeMusic :slight_smile: Very nice pictures in your video!)

Now I don’t make any videos, because I spent a lot of time to create high quality portfolio (more than 120 items created from begining of the year: 102 approved and more than 20 waiting review). Maybe later I will create videos for my music)

Thank you! I’ll wait for your video works :slight_smile:

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Videos of the public domain free? They are also very interesting to watch! And the music is appropriate :slight_smile:

Stole your idea Adam and used some public domain videos to make a video for my latest track :grinning:
Nice videos and music from both of you!


I didn’t make a presentation, but I used my music for my animation:

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Cool animation and music!

Thanks :blush: