Did we ever get a solutions? Elements new annual plan?

So when we started using Elements we were offered an introduction offer of $19 as we joined early even when the website was in BETA the system on how the price plan was going to work on Elements was going to increase from $19 to $49 through time, which never really happened and this could look like false advertising as we signed up early with the understanding we would get access to everything.

We then went through a period of not being able to download items as well as other issues, but we were okey with that as the website was in BETA and we felt we were helping an new venture succeed.

The earlier you join. the more you save. Forever now you could say we are still able to keep our $19 introduction plans but these plans are now limited plans as we don’t have access to the full range of elements.

So throughout this trial period people had reached out on Twitter, Facebook etc to ask about other items being added for example:-


Will we get access to everything that is added?

Your Reply:-

Hi Mike, be assured you will have access to everything.


Can you tell me when you think WordPress will be added your CMS collection? The reason we signed up! ‘CMS coming soon!’

Your Reply:-

Hey, we’re just in the process of finalising dates now. We’ll let you know shortly!


Can you tell me if you will be adding WordPress, Videos to Elements?

Your Reply:-

Great News! We will be adding these new items throughout time.

These posts are from 2016 under the understanding the introduction price was all we needed. Not once did anyone say to anyone these would be available under a different price plan.

When we started with Elements it was very basic and it was this false hope that made people continue to pay when the website was broken/faulty and very limited, it was these responses which kept the $19 users.

So now you have a annual cost of $348 which is not $19 per month because that was a limited time offer exactly like we originally signed up to, can you see why users might not trust this advertisement?

So you have been asked by a lot of users what is going to be put in place to honour our loyalty? Have you found a solution? We feel it’s a bit like blackmail, the saying you snooze you lose comes to mind.

Someone must understand this is an unfair way to do business, it was a false claim in the early days that the price would increase, or even if the price does increase to $49 in like 5 years it was misleading on advertising.

We are not asking for it to be free or included within the $19 plan well I am not I just want an offer of a discounted annual plan or an increase in the monthly plan.

The offers which has been offered have been offered to everyone, you have to remember we have been using this service at a limited item time and when the website was non accessible at time times. These users which signed up at this new annual plan must be rubbing there hands together and looking upon us other users as idiots for funding you, as you grew.

Please see attached the original advert, which you can see is misleading and actually false advertising.


Thanks for the answer…I appreciate it :wink:

I would rather you be more open about this kind of thing…tell me straight point blank, it is what it is we can’t do it due to the future model of Elements and I will say, lets break open a Fosters and say fair doo’s.

Much Love, Karlos

Hey LittleDesigneruk,

There are a few pieces to the above, so I’ll try to speak to each of them.

Firstly, to the Elements Pricing. You’re correct in saying that our original view around where our pricing would move has changed over time. Envato Elements is a new product, and as we’ve moved through the early stages of introducing that product to customers we’ve learned more about what those customers and our authors want and need. We’ve adapted our pricing to address what we’ve learned and to ensure we kept Envato Elements viable.

We know we created some confusion here, that’s on us and we’re sorry for that. Along with learning more about our product, we’ve learned a fair bit around how and when we should communicate changes to our community. And things can and most certainly will change. Not out of a desire to mislead anyone, but due to the realities of bringing any new product to market.

To your request for us to give you a discounted subscription; unfortunately the answer is no. For us to lower the price point for a single user would not be fair to the broader authoring or subscriber community. The price points of Envato Elements are carefully modelled to ensure that we can keep the product viable, for authors, customers and Envato. Lowering the price simply isn’t something we can do at the moment.

Let’s be clear, we are hugely thankful for the ongoing support that you’re showing our product. Our way of honouring that is to continue to build an amazing product, one that’s worth the price of the subscription. It’s up to you to determine whether the current version of the product represents enough value for you to continue subscribing (we really hope it does). We plan on doing our best to ensure it will be.

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Matthew Coxy I love you for that it’s all I needed, Personally the price for annual at the moment is a bit steep and hope we at some point return to the introduction offer of $19x12.

It might just be me, but being told straight about how the development is or what is going on in the background makes me feel better rather than thinking there is some sort of financial gain from the model, I think live chat or a open question and answers session going forward would help you when making big decisions like this :slight_smile:

I work for a big business and we have things like this, my gut said it was like this but I just wanted someone to come forward and say this is how it is.

Matthew Coxy, awesome addition to Envato :slight_smile:

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