Did the Elements theme filter get removed?


Until recently, Elements Themes used to be filterable by industry: Arts, Entertainment (or similar). This feature appears to be remove din the latest version of the plugin. Is this an accident? It’s basically impossible to browse now!



You can use search features at top. Where you can select category as like Wordpress and then in fearch field type Industry as a tag/keyword you will get your required filtered Items. Also in saerch result page you will find a filter in left sidebar specially for compatibility check.



I’m getting nothing showing up in the search. What am I actually supposed to search for? It only works if you already know the search term attached to a theme - which you would not know until you’ve seen it… It defies logical searching.

The filter nav was better. That way you can see the content in an organised manner. It was also easier to understand the themes seeing the matching pages side by side. Now they are just anywhere in the grid - often some pages are offscreen so you cannot get a good sense of the whole theme design.

As designers, we want to LOOK at the themes, not DRILL them.


sorry to say subcategory filter not exist. So, you have to select parent category as like wordpress then keyword search. Thanks


But there is no list of the parent categories. This is not the best UI design - guessing what the categories are called… just so you can search for it.



If you check https://elements.envato.com/ you will find: https://prnt.sc/ncwuzl
If you check https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress/corporate you will see filter in left sidebar and sorting in the above select box.




Thanks for this, we’re talking about two different things. I am referring to the Elements plugin and the recent update that has removed the categorisation of themes. That page is complete anarchy now.



Opps! From your topics title thought you are talking about elements.

The best way to get the support is Contact your purchased Item Author and let them know your query. Item author will assist you.