Did not accept a job

Hello everyone
Did not accept a job. Please tell me what could be the reason

Is this for the flyer category?

It was for Holiday-New Year category

Why the rooster head? :laughing: Maybe that’s the reason! :slight_smile:

close-up shows the rooster trick))

I think that the stroke in the text is inappropriate.

The roaster head = No meaning! 2nd : the stroke in the text are not suitable :confounded: by the way the B.ground is very successful. GL

A lot of work with the head of a rooster on the site
I do a preliminary analysis of the works

The Year of the Fire Rooster begins January 28, 2017 so that’s why there is a roaster there… I like it

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Do not stop! Do not get frustrated! make another propositions, i’m sure your item will be approved, you have a good hand, apparently i can see that you are an illustrator goddess - i followed yo :wink: Good luck

thanks a lot :blush:

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you should tell to reviewer what the roaster is about. Not everybody knows the meaning of the roaster …

I’ll try
Thank you