Did i want to submit my portifolio to envato team to upload after efffects template any one plz tell me

hi am new to envato did i want to submit my portiflolio to envato team to get approval is it for new authors ? i created this account 6 months back and beacme an author but uptonow i didnt upload single template did i want to submit portfolio or not ? any one help plz me


you need to submit a portfolio to become a Stock Footage and Photo author. To submit a portfolio, please fill in this form.

Details and links regarding applications can be found here:
VideoHive Upload Permissions and Portfolio Review


actually i want to sale only aftereffects template not photos or stock footage does i want to submit portifolio to enavto team to sale after effects template

In the past when you tried to Become an Author then there was an issues but now all is fine. please can you try to again. If after try again Author badge and upload option not visible to you then I think portfolio submission will be better way to get approval. Thanks

first of all thanks for ur reply am an exclusive author now now am having upload button in my profile shaill i directly upload my first item or else before uploding i have to give portifoio to team ?

As now you are exclusive Author and got option to upload button then you can submit your Item. Thanks

thank you mgs coder wheneever am asking in forums for help you are only coming prevosly also u only helped me thank you all the best

you are always welcome! if you face any problem just share here. Hopefully you will get support. Thanks