Did Envato Lied Us?

Hi folks,

You know what this is all about. Is there anyone happy about “words” about how we are going to be rich after the content bonus program stops?

As I read on the forums, most of the authors have lost earnings instead of rising income.

Envato collect and stuck everybody in the Elements, spread the money, and make everybody focus in-to here, after that stop and says “everybody will play for our rules” and now most of the Elements executives played the 3 monkeys.

Personally, a couple of months ago, I was full of hope about my future but now full of worries and I think as authors, we need to do something instead of the sit and hoping everything gonna be much better.

Please share your thoughts and let’s talk about that.
Are you happy and have hope for your future on the Elements?



Have I missed something? when did they say we were going to get rich after discontinuing the bonus program? :sweat_smile:
Everything that happened in 2022 was a clear sign that “Houston, Envato has a problem”!

Envato is not going to fix your life, but you can make your life better through Envato.
Is it easy?no
Was it easier? yes

It also depends what product you are selling on EE.
For example there’s no way you can make a decent amount of money with stock footage nowadays.
My portfolio is 910 stock footage/motion graphics and 40 AE template…these 40 templates make almost 50% of my EE income.
Life would be way different if I had produced AE templates instead of stock footage for the last 10 years :joy:

But it is what it is so just enjoy the ride before everything collapses.


I’m glad to hear you enjoy your life Rickyloca :slight_smile: But many authors’ incomes are crushed and it’s not only about the bonus program.

I’m producing PSD Mockups since 2015 and first launched in GR in 2016. For example, my income has reduced %40 from July and it’s getting way worst every single month.

And yeah, you probably missed the point EE commit incomes will rise after the new earning system. But it happen in opposite way :slight_smile:


My income is crushing too, I’m just enjoying my last days on Envato because I know it’s not going to last forever.
It’s very hard to stay productive and make a decent income when you make a few cents per download, it’s possible of course, but that’s not my case.


Yeap, I’m starting to think much about Plan D,E,F etc…

EE makes a big disappointment. I didn’t expect it’s going to blow too quickly like that.

Greed ruins everything as like ruined other platforms.


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That’s correct

Also very difficult when half your produce is scrapped into the dust bin. I’ve moved more towards alternative markets and will be launching my own website soon. I expect this is the move in the upcoming years. Best start sooner than later.

Unfortunately, I have a similar problem. I have been on Envato for 10 years and on EE from the very beginning. In the first year at EE, it was average, then the earnings were increasing, which made me happy. I devoted all my time resigning from cooperation with many agencies in favor of EE and GraphicRiver. Currently, earnings have fallen by 30-40% and it is getting worse every month.

I have the impression that reviews are not very well considered either, and the competition is growing day by day.

Recently, I often wonder what to do, because I don’t see much future on Envato, and I had other plans. Pity!

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