Did anyone else get a offer to sell their entire portfolio on audiojungle?

A few days ago someone offered me to sell my entire portfolio to them, offcourse i will keep them anonymous.
The offer is my entire income from audiojungle multiplied by 10.
Now offcourse that is a nice amount of money, im also very aware that you will have to start over again (which actually sounds kind of refreshing to me personally).
There are a few things that keep my mind occupied:

  • the tracks are all uploaded to a content ID platform, which generate a decent amount as well… and a transfer is needed, or deactivate them all.
  • Some tracks are available on all streaming platforms. Again, that is also income.
    I guess i could sell my portfolio without the tracks i have on the streaming platforms, as they generate fans and these tracks mean something personal to me as well.

But before i even keep thinking about this, is this something you would consider? Did anyone else get this offer? I will ask a laywer and some people who are into this kind of work, but i still wonder if this is real and worth it.

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10 times your total AJ earnings for an account on a dying marketplace? Sounds highly suspicious to me.

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I think the amount times 10 is a bit low to be honest Purple…
They will buy the tracks, not just the account so they can do whatever… and pehaps make more income on other marketplaces or trailer music libraries?
It would be returned within a few years just as passive income.

But. im just suspicious as well…

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I understand that it’s low for you. It would be too low for me too if it were my music.

But, from the perspective of the “investor”, ten times the amount of your earning from the almost past 10 years, is quite an investment indeed. In this age of uncertainty in the music market, and the ever decreasing share left to authors, or rather content owner in this case, this would be extremely risky, to the point of being reckless. So much so, that it makes no sense to me.

Have you done some digging on them? It shouldn’t be too hard to check if they’re legit or not with their online footprint.

Agreed… and they seem real.
Well, some facebook, linkedin, instagram accounts with the same name consist of modeling and music content… that seems legit.

try to ask for x3 times instead of x10 times,
while keeping %51 of the ownership.
This way you’ll maintain the majority of income,
(… and if the world economy crashes,
you’ll still be entitled to get paid in CBDC or what they got planned for us, rather than be left with useless banknotes For reference: Venezuelan Bolivars)

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If these people are thinking of offering you 10 times what you have earned in 10 years, it is because they are sure that they can recover and at least double their investment. My company that manages my catalog for Content ID offered me more than 500 thousand dollars to give them the rights to my music only for Content ID on YouTube. Obviously I refused, because for me was clear that in the next few years I will be able to double that money. It is very little money that they offer you to give up all the rights. You can collect royalties from your tracks for the rest of your life. And with the right marketing strategy you can make much more money than what you are being offered.


Ekat… Smirn…?

Just to check if it’s the same that wrote me…

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So, that would be about $900,000 or so, if I’m not too far off?

10x 10 years earnings in a buyout is INCREDIBLY high, which is why I would think this could be fake as well…

A normal price would be closer to 10-15 times ONE year’s earnings (but maybe that’s what it becomes if you factor in PRO royalties and YouTube ad revenue + Spotify?).

Of course they would think they could make more than that (if real), that’s a given in ANY deal, but could YOU make that with your music. Not everyone has the same resources or knowledge to do that…

Anyway, as I was contacted too (haven’t responded as it seemed a bit off), I’m very interested in seeing how this plays out.

Maybe they want to buy it to feed a new AI model :wink:

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They already do that without paying a single cent :slight_smile:

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There seems to be a trend of buying/ selling music rights.
I always feel it’s best to hold on to at least a part of them because you never know. Plus even if you have kids they might enjoy the rights 70 years after you’re gone.

But yes it could be that it’s a publisher with incredible contacts that can immediately create revenue from a big catalogue. Maybe they have big Investors behind them and promised them a big return within five years.


Yes, that’s the one that emailed me… so you too eh?

I will get into it and update you guys asap… but first i will ask…




So these are just some casual guys with a gmail address and an extra $10-20 million dollars developing a music studio?

I mean, it COULD happen (and I have been offered deals for single tracks from real record labels here), but I’m not too convinced. Would love to be proved wrong though, as I would probably take that deal. But it seems a little too good to be true…

I suppose when they ask you to send over the entire catalog without having paid anything “to check the tracks” you will know for sure… Or ask you to pay a small “administration fee”…


I’d ask for 30 times your royalty revenue, so yes, $1,000,000,000 sounds about right.


I have also gotten this email (seems a lot of others here as well) and promptly ignored it. It seems very unlikely, in my opinion, that a random person (or group of persons) who are “just starting out a music studio” is needing all of a sudden an entire catalog worth of music and happen to have loads of money to do it with. If it was a company of some sort, then maybe it would seem more realistic. However, random email, from some random dudes on a generic gmail account. In my case, the names that was given to me of the “guys starting a studio” didn’t even match the email name.

I’m going to have to agree with jackk44 up here, this seems highly unlikely that it’s a real situation. I wouldn’t hand over my entire music library anyway regardless of the “offer”. I’ve gotten plenty of spam emails from people claiming all sorts of things, this one seems to fit in perfectly with that. The initial email itself outside of them building a studio, had next to no other information.


I know these guys. They also emailed me. I corresponded for almost a month. And I can say with confidence that their ultimate goal is to take all your tracks for next to nothing. They offer one price first. But in the end, they reduce it to a minimum. Explaining this by the fact that the market is overcrowded and now there are almost no sales on stocks, etc. You agree to a certain amount, but then they say “we changed our mind, this is too high a price.” And so every time, until the amount becomes completely ridiculous. They don’t have the money they’re telling you about, it’s just a bluff. These were Aleksandr Troian and Ekaterina Smirnova. They work on behalf of FX_Monster. I strongly want to warn all authors against cooperation with them!


Ha ha, how clear that this things are nothing but scam. Troian is probably not a real name. Stay away from this guys.

I’ve just had the same email today too. Same name. :confused:

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