Did any one get Envato sent you a payment email?

Did you get the payoneer payment on market

No, no payment or no email.

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I got the market emails, the second one today morning… at 1:45AM and didnt the payment yet… and no payment sent email for elements yet… waiting… gold old days the payments hit the bank before the middle of the 15th

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Did you get the both emails ?

You’ll most likely get the money by the 17th. I really miss the time when we were able to receive the money before 11 am on the 15th lmao

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I received an email.

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I just received the email

of course…

Did you get the money on payoneer ?

I still didn’t get the market payment (money) on payoneer

Did you receive the payments ?

Notification email came with this “You should receive your payment on Friday, November 17, 2023” which means today, and can be any time during the day.

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Yes I also got that email… so waiting…

Still haven’t received the payment email from Elements :frowning: I have already received payments from the market to the same bank account, but I have not received payments from Elements for three months. Can anyone explain to me what’s going on?

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I got “envato sent you payout, you should get your money 17th” yesterday, but still no money on my payoneer. Since we have the weekend ahead of us, I believe that I will receive the money only on Monday. All this is very sad and annoying.

Just received payment so you can as well expect to receive soon.

Yes there is a delay… so we have to be soooooooooo patient when getting pays, not like those gold old days

But they pay

I received a payment by the new payout system only from the Market.
There was not a single mail from the Elements except for the statement. It’s very sad. :disappointed:

Yes, I have received.