Dici Jewellery Theme - Can I create this site without coding?

Hi All,

I am looking for theme for my jewellery website and as Iā€™m not a developer I need a theme which I can just add content and products.

Does anyone know if the DiCi - Jewellery Shop WordPress Theme can be built without a coding and if not what builder would I need to build the website myself without coding, so drag and drop functionality. And anything else I would I need to create a full ecommerce shop with this theme?

:slight_smile: Thanks

It looks like that theme is using Elementor, so, it should be easy to use - drag and drop.

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Thanks, is it for the whole site functionality or just the header/footer as I can see it says drag & drop for the header/footer.

For a whole site. If you have more pre purchase questions, you should ask theme author directly. You can use comment section here - https://themeforest.net/item/dici-jewellery-shop-wordpress-theme/20946998/comments

according to theme details page description - you will get drag & drop for the header/footer. You can also use the theme with Elementor Pro if you want to use custom product pages provided by the plugin instead of the ones that come with the theme. Mean in that case you have to purchase Elementor Pro. better will be if you asked it to theme author as @CocoBasic mentioned in last reply.

Thanks all, I have messaged the author but have had no response so far. I needed the info soon as I need to start working on the site.

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