Devs not pushing premium plugin updates provoques security issues. Envato Do something!

We have been purchasing themes from Envato Market for some years up to date. We never had an issue until now, that we see that premium plugins as Slider Revolution and Bakery, which are included in specific themes, are not being updated on time.

We had some security breachs because of this and we are almost sure that Rev Slider is the cause because that plugin is a mess in terms of security. My concern is that devs won’t even send you the latest version of those plugins or make a regular ETA update! I know there is an extended support cost for dealing with technical issues, but what about SECURITY issues? If we purchase a theme, we expect the dev keeps it updated, specially with the premium plugins, which as far as I understand: that is developer’s responsability.

Envato should say after purchase: “if your theme doesn’t get the updates and that brings security problems, that is not our problem, be warned!”

I hope Envato takes this seriously and impose more strict policies to devs in order to keep their themes updated. Thanks in advance.

Agree with you. Please post a comment on the theme comments page and let’s see the theme author’s reply about the theme bundle plugin(s) update. If the author doesn’t care about your request then you can report it directly to the Envato by opening a Help ticket . Envato Customer support team will be happy to check it for you.


Thanks for kind answer. When you ask for such mandatory updates at the comment section he responds with a “send a PM so I can send you the manual updates” but they never arrive even when this has been asked for months! I guess I will have to submit a ticket as you said. Thanks again and have a nice day.