Devs asking FTP acess

Hi, i just bought this theme:

What’s up with devs in those days? its a comun thing to ask FTP access to costumers a trend now?

I supose when i buy a theme, its fully functional, ok…it might have an issue, but the site is looking awefull, modules dont work, i contacted dev and he asks me FTP details?

Whats are your thoughts?

If you go to a car service do you forbid your mechanic to open the hood ?

It is totally ok to ask for FTP logins so he can review various things like installation was properly done, server requirements are met, etc.


Most of the installation problems from customer’s side are caused by their hosting company. server setup and as @crivion said, the requirements are not met most of the times.

The authors are not obligated to check/fix your hosting requirements, but they are asking you for FTP, and in many cases they also set up the environment.

Hope this makes sense.


We are doing it all the time. It’s much more faster to fix the problem than explaining all steps to the customer specially when most of them have no idea what is going on. So the author can fix the problem with FTP access for few minutes or you for few days trying to follow their guiding where not always go as planned.

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