DevOps Opportunity

Hello Everyone, I am about to go into an interview for a computer related job. I have experience with devops but want to get some experience answering questions before the interview. So what are some devops interview questions I can practice for my upcoming interview?

Hi Ankit,
Here I am sharing with you top 10 devops interview questions which will be asked in the devops interview:

  • Question: Can you tell us the fundamental differences between DevOps & Agile?
  • Question: Why do we need DevOps?
  • Question: What are the important business and technical benefits of using DevOps?
  • Question: Can you name some of the most-used DevOps tools?
  • Question: What is Selenium used for?
  • Question: What do you understand by Puppet in DevOps?
  • Question: What do you understand by anti-patterns of DevOps?
  • Question: DevOps has something called CI. What is it and what is its purpose?
  • Question: More often than not we hear shift left in DevOps. What is it?
  • Question: What does CAMS in DevOps stand for?

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