Deviations without cause are a sign of stupidity???


They do it intentionally. After they took one of my elements, they again started to beat all the works - but they were better than the element that they approved. I’m tired. They lose a lot of talented designers!


Ditch the rainbow version… if that’s the first thing the reviewer sees then I’m not surprised they’d reject it. The second version is about ten times better. Sure, colours can be changed by the buyer, but you’re really not doing yourself any favours including that version. Preview image looks pixelated, not a massive fan of the font, should you be using the Avada name? Aside from that, it’s not bad, but does the logo bring anything new to market?


Everything looks good. In any case, they could ask for changes. They approve of the awful work that cheap designers do. It’s just that I’d better go to the other 5 drains than fight for justice on one stock of Envato.


Of course, this is the easiest way to call the reviewers stupid.
I see no one reason why this should be approved.
And what means “Deviations without cause”? Total untruth. Be sure, reviewers never reject any item without reasons.
Envato team has highly qualified reviewers, and they are doing their job perfectly. That’s why Envato is the marketplace №1. Not “other 5 drains”.
If you want to be a part of this marketplace, if you want to be the best, you should understand what you can do to be the best, you should understand what you can improve.
I understand that this is very disappointing when your item has been rejected. But don’t be so rude, and try to find the reason of this fail.

That’s what I think about your item:

  • font is too huge
  • logo shape is similar to hundreds of logos on GraphicRiver
  • color gamma is distructive
  • presentation is too rude
  • you don’t show, how the logo looks on a: business card, wall, etc
  • also there are some technical bugs. for example: stepped lineы between the parts of the logo:


There’s no need to be arrogant and swear on these forums.
You can ask politely like others do and you’ll get plenty of help.


Look at these items below. Their work was approved - although I see gaps in the design. The fact is that they are just lazy, and do not want to see new designers!

[removed by mod:]


no one here gets help, the Envato team suggests writing here to do nothing by themselves, get rid of new designers.

This is all that they can offer: go to the forum - there will help you. But I do not need a forum, I need constructive criticism from them.


This design was also rejected - and what is the reason?


Don’t compare your items with the approved items, which you don’t like. It’s another one way to nowhere.

“But I do not need a forum, I need constructive criticism from them”
Don’t you think you write rude things again? Other authors can give you constructive criticism here. I have already wrote what I think you can improve.

Envato gives feedback only if they see the potential in your work. This is called soft reject. Otherwise, they do not owe you anything.

You should understand that it’s the only optimal way to organize the work of the market


I gave you constructive criticism, which you just dismissed by saying ‘everything looks good’, and then went on to say how there’s a bunch of bad items on the site… essentially ignoring the fact that your logo might be the issue. Do you want constructive criticism or not? Stop looking for others to blame… fix your logo or forget about it and move on.