Deviation vector illustration, need help!

Hello! I’m new, my hobby is drawing, I’ll try to create a sale vector, rejected and referred to the quality does not match. Can anyone help me, I will be grateful to you

It’s not immediately clear what the use case of the item would be? A sale for sneakers?

Take a look at some of the other vectors on GraphicRiver and that might help you get an idea as to the kind of stuff that gets approved.

Thanks for the answer, but the demand was on quality. And the concept was a discount sale logo on shoe stores, online stores - just about shoes. What’s wrong with quality?

Help please, all my work is rejected in quality.

It’s a bit strange and specific, it may not be considered commercially usable. Also the SALE text looks quite bad to me, it’s just placed in there with no thought on the font or anything matching the illustration style.

Thank you very much, it was nice and useful to know your opinion.

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