Developing my First Theme (HELP)

Hello, I need help .

I’m developing my first theme for wordpress.

Can I use Redux Framework as theme options?

Can I use Live Composer (free wordpress plugin) as my creator pages?

Any tips for a beginner?

Can anyone help me?


Redux - yes

Live Composer - yes BUT only if you purchase the necessary extended license and bear in mind you will be bundling this with the theme so you will need to support both the theme AND the plugin

The best advice anyone can give you is to take the time needed to learn the requirements. Standards and expectation to sell here.

Too many new authors come here thinking it is easy and a quick earner - this could not be further from the truth - Success take time, skills and commitment.

Can you write code? Are you familiar with WP Codex? Can you design to a professional standard?

This is a great community and full of nice and experienced people who will help others but no author can depend on this.

With respect it is not really a place for beginners to be selling files as aside from the high standard of development required you have to consider updates, support and so on.

No amount of frameworks and page builders will replace a high level of core development expertise.

I’m all for people coming authors etc. And growing the community as long as they understand what is involved.


Thank you for answer charlie4282,

Live Composer plugin is now free (, there is no link in Codecanyon to purchase the extended license.

But I am not sure if I can use. I can?

I am familiar with WP Codex. I am a developer for 3 years, I have some doubts because I never sold in Themeforest.

Sorry for my terrible English.

Live Composer is no longer sold on codecanyon.

Yes, you can use Live Composer in your theme without any licence. Infact, Live Composer’s developer Slobodan is a really helpful guy and he can also add your theme to his website’s Themes section once it goes live.

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So I will not have problems to upload the theme for the Themeforest?
Thanks for the answers!

Ask the plugin author directly about this.

I found it.

In the directory there is a file with GNU License.

I could not contact the author.

Live Composer is on the, so you can freely use in your theme, I think. You don’t have to bundle it in your theme, as TGMPA can link plugins to install from

EDIT: Live Composer on