Developers: Pinterest Sharing?

This is a suggestion to the developers here. I dont know if this is the right place to post this… I’m a designer that buys themes here for my clients and myself. I work with bloggers and small businesses.

Currently Im doing a round up of WordPress themes for a blog post. I have a few coming but first in order is feminine looking themes. Thats my client base. (theme shopping myself right now too, need to update)

One major criteria I look for is social sharing and it including Pinterest. Pinterest is Booming!! I find many themes either dont have social sharing at all or no Pinterest in the sharing feature. I find this odd specially with feminine themes and themes for bloggers.

Pinterest has grown into tech, business tips and so much more. Pinterest alone brings my site 45+% of its traffic. I highly recommend anyone wanting to grow their brand/traffic get on Pinterest! :slightly_smiling:

While us users can add a plugins… I shop for themes I dont Have to add more… Less is more with plugins. I also find some social sharing plugins just plain suck or ugly looking! LOL. Its just so much nicer when you all integrate it. You make it fit and look good.

Also I hand off most of these site to clients, I dont want to add more things for them to maintain if you know what I mean. I teach them the less is more approach because plugins can wreak havoc! ha ha.

Please consider updating themes adding Pinterest to the share feature and any new themes coming out. I think social sharing should be added to Every theme! :smiley: Social sharing plays a Huge role in site ranks. Today more than ever.

I hope this was ok to post. Its just after looking at 100’s of themes this past week or two… ha ha. I don’t develop so I don’t know if its harder to add Pinterest and thats why many themes don’t have it?

Thank you

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Hello Kelly,

While your suggestion is heard and has been said before, there’s reason behind this.

Marketplace themes are built for the ‘masses’ in mind. It’s not a single client project.

We develop themes that give buyers the ability to customize and use them for multiple purposes.

Pinterest is a niche. Alike to Facebook vs Twitter. Some use it, some do not. It’s a 50/50 audience.

Some people like simple ‘hover to share’ buttons on their images.

Others will prefer a button within the page that allows sharing, then selection of multiple images.

Others like having something that stays fixed at the side of the website, visible at all times.

The list of ‘others’ could go on for quite some stretch and the purpose here is, each buyer is different and plugins to extend certain functionality makes more sense than spending time adding an option that maybe only a small percent of people will use. Some may feel hampered by those ‘default options’.

The convenience with plugins are, there are literally thousands out there that offer various options, features and behaviours that can be used; as well look and feel. It’s easier letting a person choose between those plugins available than it is building something that would work for all.

Themes that were built specifically with Pinterest in mind, that’s another story, but those themes that are multipurpose would perhaps have a more difficult time including these options to cater to the masses. So as a result, a lot of authors simply extend the suggestion of using plugins for these features.

A great suggestion, but these reasons above are often why it’s not included.

I cannot speak for all authors / developers, but I am sure some will relate to it.

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My themes have built-in pinterest sharing button feature. And I do that since…, well. Almost all of them have it. :wink:

Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

Points understood. :slight_smile:

I guess this was mostly geared toward those with the social share already and Pinterest is missing… I kept coming across this on my hunt. I was shopping for mine along with feminine, food, modern, etc. I have a handful of theme posts coming. ha ha

Also those with themes that are more feminine. The ‘masses’ with these kinds of themes will be using Pinterest.

Thanks again for taking the time to leave feedback.

Having worked with thousands of clients ourselves, I cannot agree with the biased fact about “feminine” themes being used more with Pinterest. I know many female website owners, authors, developers, bloggers, photographers, etc., that in one form or another, use a website to market their services, tools and resources - or informational content.

To say that feminine are more included to use Pinterest is something I have to disagree with.

I know a lot of people who use Pinterest, but like all Social Networks, it’s a niche that varies.

Just because I build a feminine theme, doesn’t mean the bulk of my interested ‘masses’ would be using Pinterest.

I just feel like that statement is incorrect, at least from our own experiences.

I really do see your points but we can agree to disagree as we have different experiences. :slight_smile: I wasn’t trying to step on toes.

In my experience, I dont know one female business owner, blogger, etc that does not use social media to promote. Frankly I dont know any business owner that doesnt.

I also dont know any female businesses owners/bloggers that dont not use Pinterest or want content they provided to be easily shared by others. The females that tend to go for a more feminine looking themes are using Pinterest and using it heavy. Certainly my client base, fellow colleagues and some social media movers I associate with.

I guess we have to see it from both sides as we have different experiences. :slight_smile:

I noticed a mistake in my spelling / grammar.

The previous comment was to say “…are more inclined to use Pinterest…”

In short, I was just saying I didn’t agree that all feminine themes should target Pinterest because not all female website owners use Pinterest. It’s kind of a touch-and-go thing. Some people use it, some people don’t. Like all things I suppose. I wasn’t trying to stir troubles if that’s how it came across; I apologize.

You’re right on both sides! :slight_smile: