Developer needed!

Hi there,

We are looking to add 1 or 2 developers to our team a.s.a.p. with the following experience:

  • Creating and editing WordPress websites/themes.
  • Making applications using several API, for example Exact Onlne administration software.
  • Optimalisation to current WordPress websites including pagespeed optimization.

If you have experience with all 3, please send me a e-mail to senel @

Keep in mind, we really need to see detailed experience, and if you lack experience at one of the three, you will have to prove your experience by doing a couple of assessment test. Even if you do have experience on all 3, we still might need you to do some assessment tests first.

We know that an assesment test takes some time, but we are looking for developers for the long term. For instance, our current 2 developers are both more then 5 years working for us. One from 2011, the other from 2013.

Please send your info a.s.a.p. to us trough mail (senel @, and we can meet up!

Kind regards,


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