Developer looking for a job

My name is Rawand and i am a 19 years old developer, I quit my day to day job a few weeks ago because my boss had family issues which affected my career, I have an open eye for jobs right now. I left school for the family at 10th grade.

I live in somewhere near Turkey. A quiet city with 868K population. There are no open jobs at this moment, And i can’t move on to another city because of my parents, my best bet was to start something online

My capability in my field of business are:

Swift Programming Language (2-3 years)
PHP (1 year)
HTML and CSS (2 year)
JavaScript (2-3 years - Excellent in JSON API)
Python (3 months)

Marketing (took two courses, but quite good - 5 years)
UI-UX Design (Sketch: 1 year)

Fluent in english as it’s my official second language. I have a portfolio on the Apple AppStore, and one at envato’s. But however i am able to generate $300-$400 a month, I live with my parents It’s not enough to move forward, so i had to look for a part-time job.

iTunes Portfolio:

I can help with Support tickets at codecanyon, build a native app for your PHP script, build an AI. Do marketing tricks and understand user needs, much more;

Please forward this message if you know someone.