Develop a theme from a skelleton CC licenced theme

Dear Wp Developers & TF Community,

I was wondering what the options of CC licence really include, I have found a topic that stated about usage of cc licence material for your theme. But what if you would be a very creative designer without coding skills. Would this work vice versa? for instance I download a theme that is released under the right CC licence would I be allowed to create my own theme out of this lets say I come up with all the inner and front end design requirements.

Love to hear about the options before i start my 1000 hours of development

Totally depends on the commercial licensing on the theme. If in any doubt get emailed permission or approval from the author/website you got it off.

It’s worth mentioning that you need to consider beyond just releasing the file. If you can’t code then you are going to have issues meeting the TF requirements for submission (no CC theme is going to come with those set up) and going forward you are going to need to be able to support buyers, update the theme and so on - again which could be hard without a degree of expertise in development.

I’m not trying to put you off - just putting it in perspective.

Dear Charlie,

I am quite certain that the theme does allow me to do that im wondering wether Envato’s guidelines would accept this. I do understand the issue you are mentioning but isnt there some sort of base theme that meets the envato’s guidelines for others to continue development?