Desperate call for new designers

To all the designers contributing, I am begging you to bring in artists from other mediums to contribute to your designs/templates. The Envato designs has become a sea of sameness and therefore less useful.
Instead of coming up with 50 ways to make a bar chart inside of Illustrator using different colors and textures. Please try partnering with a local artist who does watercoloring, pencil sketching, colography, airbrush, cartooning, etc. Ask them to create the basic shapes you need for your designs and find ways to incorporate them.

Creativity is about combining unexpected things together.

I am encouraging everyone to keep pushing the limits of creativity and bring original design ideas to Envato.

A loyal customer,


Hey Chris,

That also means that the Template Price should increase, as there will be extra cost.
I agree with you, but the themes nowdays sell way less, so that will be extra cost.

Always from your side as a client, you can try find someone to do those for you and make your design stand out!

I think it’s a good call!

To your point @creativeGagency, customers may be more prepared to spend more if the design is unique…

Thanks for the replies. I have worked with countless artists and you would be amazed at how easy it is to make financial arrangements that work for everyone.

Some artists will do work for $50 others $5,000 and some even more. My thought is that you can bring in fairly good artists for ~$500 to contribute unique elements to your designs.

Price isn’t an issue here. I am advocating that you increase the quality of the product with more original designs. Which I think all customers would support.

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That is not a proper statment. Especially with Envato Elements, customers care to buy bulk and cheap, not something expensive.

Also - please note that - when our demos will host such images, anyone can take and use them. Lets be realistic, there are not many chances that we can scan all web and find where they have been used.

Yes, price is an actual issues. 500$ to buy those elements, will increase final price of theme a lot. Example:

Design Time: 4.000$
Development Time: $4.000$
Extra Elements: 1.000$ ( includes images, custom illustrations, hosting, online chat, documentation etc etc )

Price point of a theme, 9.000 - 10K, image how much time requires to recoup that.

@creativeGagency, I am a customer and I am telling you and the community what I want as a customer and that I am willing to pay for it. You arguing against this request makes no sense. Instead, I would propose you ask clarifying questions such as:

  • How much more would you be willing to pay for this?
  • What is it you don’t like about the current templates?
  • What needs do you have that aren’t currently being met by the current designs?

I would caution you when you say “customers care to buy bulk and cheap”. Some customers might agree with you, but many others are here to buy high-quality designs that deliver impact on our projects.


Great guys keep working . It is an very good thing to know about it.