Designing an Investment website with Elementor and in-built Calculator

I want to design an Investment site with Elementor, but I don’t know how to go about it, and I don’t even know where to start. The only thing I’m sure of, is that I know what I want.

What I want is a site that calculates investment. How to have an in-built calculator that automatically calculates per user and output the results per user is what I don’t understand. I sent a screenshot to help you understand what I mean.

However, you get the full inspiration from

My overall question is, what tools in addition to Elementor do I need to design something like that, and how do I set it up?

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There are crowdfunding type themes like which do a similar thing.

You do need to make sure you invest (not cheap) properly in robust hosting and security to prevent any fraud, data or other legal issues

I like your reply very and extremely much. I’m however afraid that crowdfunding Themes will have Crowdfunding widgets that relate with Donate, Target etc. They will not have widgets like return on Investment calculator, Investment Rate, Percentage and things as shown in my screenshot.

Your reply is powerful and is an inspiration to me. But do you still have some cards up your sleeve and still suggest to some more on the Business Niche Category?

Greatly desiring to hear from you again.

I’ve Berber seen out of th box widgets like in your demo, but it wouldn’t be massively complicated to create, depending on the dynamic nature of it.

I don’t think you will find this out of the box so something like the crowdfunding themes might be a good way to cut corners and build the core site, then hire a developer to manage the missing elements

FYI if you are talking about back end management/processing of the investments (not just front end visuals) then you are going to need significant budget to do it

Just looking at your demo link on a laptop not my phone - this portal creates user accounts that then helps to manage people’s investments.

That level of functionality would not be available out of the box and would be thousands of to build, plus you would definitely need proper hosting/security (easily hundreds of a month)

It’s unbelievable that for this many years, there’s no plugin in WordPress that can do something like this out of the Box. Isn’t that a shameful thing to WordPress?

The layout will be designed with Elementor. Would Advanced custom fields not be able to do the rest?

What about Listing sites? Can’t thy do something like this?

Such extremely niche functionality have to be definitely custom coded.

Isn’t that a shameful thing to WordPress

You can always try to develop such theme/plugin yourself or pay someone to get it developed for you, if you really believe there is a hole in the market. If you are right, you will make a bank on it.

Not sure how ACF would help with this but either way it’s not the front end which is the problem - the complexity of managing investment profiles/portfolio/transactions is complicated and very risky to cut corners around.

Depending where you are located you may even need to be compliant to financial authorities

There are investment type plugins but again I don’t think this is close to what you are trying to achieve

I don’t know how to code. The coders and Theme developers who are here should take it up.

I believe this is a simple functionality that they can code into one of their Multi-purpose Themes, and call it an Investment Theme.

Another thing is that all the WordPress calculator plugins should have been able to work from a backend to give the output I’m looking for.

I’m saying WordPress should still be able to make it work. Perhaps I’ve just not discovered it?

If it’s just the calculation part you want then it is not necessarily that hard to create - its just still fairly niche and would require it to be built to requirement

That website you shared actually transacts the investment which is where it becomes complicated and expensive.

Each investor will have a dashboard where they can view and monitor their investments. The dashboard should contain things like --MY PROFILE where they can view, modify and edit their profile, MY INVESTMENTS where they can view a list of the investments they made on the website, MY WITHDRAWALS that shows how many withdrawals they’ve made on any of their investments, TOTAL INVESTMENTS that shows the total amount to spent to invest, EXPECTED RETURNS shows how much they are expecting to get from their investment and the date that it is due, INVESTMENT STATUS shows whether it is pending approval, it is approved, cashed out, due for cash out etc, INVESTMENT TYPE etc.

So people can actually transact and make/deposit/withdraw investments and funds via the platform?

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