Designing a Wordpress Multi-Purpose Theme, Any Expert Advice?

Hi Guys,

I’ve just started designing this WordPress Multi-Purpose Theme, will code it with the help of my partner soon.

Here are a few Shots of my design. (I’m a new user, can put only 2 links :unamused: )


I need some expert advice on the design… Please be strict.


Hi Iram!

I would recommend first making all the PSD designs and submit them to PSD category. It has to be top-notch to be accepted as PSD or WordPress. Sorry to say your design is not there yet. There are problems with inconsistent typography and some elements lack the design love. And it also looks like every other multipurpose design on the marketplace. Work on it more, simplifying and beautifying. You might lose a LOT of time trying to code it to WordPress. Make sure your design skills are up to par first.

Good luck!

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multipurpose = you must have 8-12 different demo :smiley:

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Thank you for your honest advice guys, as I said that I’ve just started designing it, its not complete yet. I’ll try to improve.