Designer for collaboration

Any designer open for collaboration? I’ll handle web development and you make sure that we have excellent and creative design. Profit is shared equally.

You probably got designers responding already, but you would get more responses if you were a little more detailed, like how much experience you have, if you’ve developed for Themeforest before, if you do front end developing too, etc… it would also help if you have any examples of your work.

Yes, you are right, sorry about that. I’m frontend developer, specialized in Angular framework for 2 years now but I would like to start with simple stuff (something like HTML templates). All work I have is on private company repositorie and I haven’t developed nothing for Themeforest but I’m open to all questions.

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I do have a team of great designers so yeah we will be helping you out anytime. Just share the initial overview and requirements of your web development project. Please discuss more via email