Design Themes - Aagan updated plugins not available

So my support period after purchasing the Aagan WP theme from the author Design Themes is over. In theory, I of course should still be able to get the respective updates, but in the practice, when I go to the platform to download the latest plugin updates, there is no update available for me any more.
I contacted the Theme authors to notify that I cannot get the plugin updates, but of course as the support period is over, no one has got back to me.
How can i get my plugins updated?!!

Are you sure the author has updated the plugins yet in the theme?

If you have purchased an item, then you can download the latest copy - there’s no versions of downloads so if it has been updated then you will be able to get it regardless of support period

Hi Charlie,
Thanks for getting back.
I really don’t know if the authors have already updated the plugins in the theme, but the thing is that WP admin is asking to get Ultimate Add ons WP Bakery updated - actually, my site doesn’t look nice at all since a few days ago.
The authors may still be working on it, so will wait a bit more and see.

The changelog says that the last update was in August so if your issue is recent then it’s almost certainly that they just haven’t changed it yet

If you look at the bottom of the item page then you can see a list of updates that have been made and when