Design Tests For VideoHive Category Pages

Over the last few months we’ve been experimenting with design on category pages across different marketplaces. Initial testing on ThemeForest has given us a lot of data and feedback to optimize the new category page layout and the next step is to roll out testing across other marketplaces, beginning with VideoHive.

Why are we doing this?

Historically we’ve been constrained to displaying a single default order on pages, such as best sellers, which limits the types of items customers are exposed to. Our aim with these experiments is to work towards improving the variety and discoverability of the items that are displayed to customers on these pages.

How will the new category page do this?

As with ThemeForest, the new category page includes a series of blocks giving customers the choice to explore new items, best selling items, best rated items and more. This is our first release on VideoHive and we plan to iterate on it as we receive data. This means the blocks you see in this test may change, or change position on the page. As this is an A/B test, you may also not see the new design yourself.

See the image below for an idea of how it will look.

Next steps

The new category page A/B test on VideoHive will be live from today! We anticipate that this test will run for approximately one month.

Over the next few months new category page tests will also roll out across AudioJungle, GraphicRiver, and CodeCanyon, with further testing on ThemeForest. We’ll announce changes to each marketplace in a separate thread.

We’ll be on hand to answer questions about the VideoHive category page tests for the next week, responding in batches as necessary. Please remember our Community Guidelines as you post.


It would be great if New Release Items’ place replace with Weekly Best Sellers or Under 18$ sections in all Marketplaces. Such as Themeforest.



  1. New Release Items.
  2. Weekly Bestsellers.
  3. New Bestsellers.
  4. Under any$
  5. Top Templates / Themes / Video / Audio
  6. Something



Make New Release Items in the top please.


I don’t understand why Envato is so persistent in hiding “New products” They are always hidden as deeply as possible.

To put a block with dumping aitems( Under any$) on the first positions???!!! Now also you want to force people to throw off the prices of goods that on to get to this block

I’m really afraid to imagine what Envato will be like in a year, depending on the level of the quality of the goods that has fallen now.


I would advise to take more attention on search bar, and improve it (make it longer and more prominent). From my stand point now there is too much of attention to subcategories (passive search), then on search system (which is active search). This template i believe may work on Elements, where you just scroll and download what ever you like, but not on VH where you actually coming to find something.
Do not forget, that the new design will provide absolutely new analytic data (in case if this one drawn by analyzing old design issues).

  1. Announce these kind of changes to dashboard, so more people can give there feedback.

  2. As many authors already pointed out priorities “New Items”, Right now the only way to find new items is small button on top right hand corner which is not sufficient.

  3. Price based card is bad idea.


I cant understand this new “trend” of really cheap items. On this example at the section “under $18” there is a slideshow for $9. The real income for the author will be 1 dollar. This would never be a choice for a full time author.


So we have Weekly bestsellers, Discover bestselling items, New Bestsellers, Discover best rated items, Top AE product promo templates… 5x best and 0x new items? Why? 100-150 new project are uploaded in one week and only best 3-4% of them will be visible. Again, only bestsellers and that means big packs.

Why should i spend hours and hours to create a new template if no one sees it ? For a few $ from Elements? Videohive doesn’t need new templates? :slight_smile:

  • Place the Newest items instead of Under 18$ category please otherwise only logos and discounted items will be there. /// edit: oh I see new releases at the bottom of the page - is new releases category less important than Under 18$? :slight_smile:

  • I hope all categories will be in carousel sliders // edit: hmmm no carousel sliders


Please do (New releases) in the first position then everything else.
And so it is clear that new products need traffic. They are constantly changing. And you have set them so far from below.
It is necessary that the videohive be such a beautiful market as before. Sort by (best sales) killed motivation,killed new project.


I think New releases items place in top and everything is fine


Will you ever bring visibility to the new items?

I got so excited when I read the title, then disappointed when I saw the image of the design.


You can change your website design 100 of times its dose’t matter. :+1:
Author will only be happy when you make "New Items" on top. :point_left::point_left:

See what impact have done on our sales :-1::-1:


Guys, it’s obvious. Envato over saturated with new items and huge crowd of authors. Constantly uploading new items to gain audience attention - is a main strategy here. Looks like it’s not relevant today. Change your strategy, find new ways, adapt. That is what you can do, without asking and blaming anybody else. I also want to bring back newest items, but it’s not going to happen.
From March I monitor how much new items authors upload. And there is no any changes. We upload the same amount of items than before. Everybody know that this market need new items to be fresh. And a lot of authors said that without old category page authors will stop to upload items. But as practice shows, nothing happens. Market still have new uploads. You are not… We are not in position to dictate something.

About new design. I don’t like gigantic UI. It good for mobile, but not for big screens. And I think that majority clients buy items from their computers, not from mobile. So I don’t understand why we need so big interface. And it’s a general crisis of all web design. It’s happening everywhere. More about that I already wrote on another topic, so if any one interested you may read it below.

click to open

Hope in the end we will get more compact interface.


So at the moment in Videohive the choices for an author that has a new project are either to publish it on the market and deal with limited exposure and very low sales or publish it in elements and receive cents for every download and see his project illegally distributed almost immediately.

  1. Newest Items.
  2. Bestsellers
  3. Weekly Bestsellers.
  4. Under any $

We all hope that Envato will like the first time prioritizing new items so that the envato market will look fresher, we are all here feeling very bad impact from the current changes, our sales have been very low for several months :cry:

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We don’t know if the authors upload fewer or more projects. If new projects appear on the first page every day, it does not mean that the number of uploaded projects remains the same. How many projects download authors daily knows only envato

From March I monitor how much new items authors upload.

It only needed periodically check this numbers:


Curious for Envato’s answer to this.

As for over saturation of the market I doubt this is the main motivation for hiding new items so incredibly well. At AJ it’s not uncommon with 120+ items added in the last day in specific categories like Epic and Corporate. Still we have full focus on new items in the category pages. Of course this will most likely change now when AJ gets the same design tests…