Design system like something

Hello everyone.
I need to know there is any bad if i can design system like Binance, i mean the whole site complete to be as binance or even skrill, wise.
And upload in codecanyon, Envato should accept, and how about copyright? binance can’t complain to Envato after see the item?
All code i should code myself no copy any html or css for frontend

I need concept please.
Thanks and sorry if my English not good.

It’s not allowed. You should go design yourself.

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The similar items such as Skrill/Wise won’t be accepted at Envato. The reason would be the security issues and regulations with the law.

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Design and code aside its becoming increasingly difficult to get work like those examples approved

a) the scale and complexity of coding (those multi-billion $ platforms!) is usually beyond the expertise and resource available to a stock marketplace author

b) it’s increasingly regulated which makes it unsuitable for stock marketplaces

@charlie4282 Envato should approved or no?

I doubt it

  • with respect I struggle to believe that any author has the expertise to build this properly let alone maintain it. There’s a reason why the example you gave are multi billion $ businesses and have huge teams working round the clock on it. If someone could then they could be earning 100K+ working on a platform.

  • a properly done solution like this should be sold for hundreds of thousands if not more and certainly not stock prices

  • any buyer using it would need a secure infrastructure that costs thousands a month which is not what buyers in stock marketplaces have manking it not especially suitable

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@BenLeong Sir can you explain on that topic, it will guide me and other to know please.

You have enough explanation why the item is not going to be accepted on Marketplace. If you still want to do it, go try.

For reference - approval is based on several things…

Design and code execution and delivery has to be high quality and adhere to best practices etc.

Originality - you can be inspired by others but creating overly similar looking or worse still using their code is obviously not allowed.

Competitiveness - similar to the above, if there are hundreds of other similar items already for sale eg like business cards and one page websites etc. then anything new has to bring something stand out to differentiate and add new value.

Sales potential - an item has to be the type of thing where there will be significant interest in purchasing it. If an item is too niche or not suitable for stock markets then it will just end up bloating the marketplace if approved even if well made.

Market suitability - envato serves a great option for numerous projects and buyers but with respect no author can realistically offer what purpose built tech, solutions handling compact data, etc. if they could then they would be millionaires and not selling here, and the numerous premium purpose platforms and solutions would not exist. It’s not just about initial build, it’s ongoing updates, support, etc.

submission requirement - all items have to include the different assets, documentation, etc as required by envato.


@charlie4282 Thanks, all question you have answered.

@darazseller2027 Thank you