Design stolen by another Envato author

Hi guys,

I’ve found an GraphicRiver author, who stole my template design and used is as a flyer.
I will put DCMA request, but just want to warn you, maybe he is using your designs as well?

Here is my template:

and here’s his flyer:

It seems the template is quite old and you have enabled “Extended License” option.
Few years back, you didn’t need to ask the authors permission to use the template if extended license option is enabled. This could be your case. Please, check your previous sales and make sure if there’s no “extended” license sale. In case, you can contact Envato for DCMA


I didn’t have an “Extended License” sale, and that time even with that license it was not allowed anymore.
I will take it down, I just want to warn other designers that their designs could be stolen as well. If there is more cases the we should take his whole account down.

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