Design soft reject issues.

We converted an html from the following psd template -

After the conversion, there was a soft reject and we were going through the revision.

The unfortunate thing is - there was an issue, ‘Contrast’, we needed to make the text contrast high.

I checked the psd after that, my team mate said, everything is totally ok, but the issue was not with his conversion, the issue was in the PSD. Now, why approving the design in the first place? I had to buy the commercial right from him for 200+ usd value and then start the conversion. I think themeforest should not approve if there is any design issues, now we are going through soft rejects for that.

Isn’t it disappointing?


first thing there is no guarantee that any item from aproved psd will get approve.
with respect if reviewer focused on any issue in your conversion then you should to follow and fix issue(s). Contrast is a important thing to focus the design. if you like to get feedback on your demo you can share the demo url here and fellow authors can give feedback.


Of course I agree with you in the fact that contrast is important. And also other revisions given. But what about the design quality? Contrast is also important when making the design.

I am happy to make the changes needed.