Design rejection ?

want to know why this design has rejected ?

Hello, my friend, I think this design is unrealistic. There really are not many things in the design. You need to give more originality. Look at this design on this market and take an idea about it Thanks

thanks for your reply. i did that but rejected. I think there is another problem

Hello my friend: I liked this a lot but what happens
I think there are a number of problems in this as well:
1- Extending the existing line
2 - The existing calipers are fairly large
3 - The public needs more originality
4 - The font type needs to be changed
5 - To benefit more enter here and see more and take an idea about it


thank you i will try what you say

sorry to say this buddy but i do not feel the same, not only complexity is not a problem but rather required, especially at a time where there are so many guys in town and items but also to make sure that designers are not taken out of the map by stupid robots and nonsensical worthless automated systems

the real issues in my views are no what u mentioned which i have nothing to say anything negative about , for me this more likely to be a matter of typo and spacing

for the typo, if there is nothing to say about used fonts, apart they are not purely original, the very big problem there is here is that the readability is globally very low … there is nothing outstanding or popping out at all not to mention that information in a general way is very hard to read … even the main title as the chosen one is in the right style but this is also naturally hardly readable. For the rest there is much more a matter of contrast between the texts and the background, especially as the background is a very complex one i which there are many elements indeed

the spacing and the global organization of the flyer have to be reworked as well there is header full of space and a small line lost in a whole lot of space when the footer is fully loaded and clearly not “breathing”

in my view , here is what should be done, pushing everything up except footer texts, introducing a darker transition with a large smooth brush painting black color so that the texts are not that much on a complex background and so that they can be visible …

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the ghost flyer is way cooler than the previous one and unlike what @Ooredoo-Studio said there is no problem with originality in a way as u managed to introduce a major one in the upper part via the model. Besides, to keep on dealing with what i disagree with this is about the font that u used and i personally do not think that there is anything wrong with it … this may not be the most original combinations but a lot of guys made it with this … so why not u? in your case u may improve the letter spacing part indeed

i also tend to believe that having a smoother shadow behind the model would be a good idea as it would look more realistic than what u have here and that does not …

u also have a readability issue on the footer this is not that readable and not that contrasting with the background. It looks like that u used boldness i would take it out to make the thing smoother and would make sure to make the text pop out in a different way …

i would also personally take out the light effect on DJs as this is making names hardly readable …


thank you @n2n44 i will try what you say

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if i were u i would try to do this on these flyers rather than "next time " as most of the people who say that , they end up doing the same mistakes over and over again on new projects and are surprised that their items did not make it lol

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