Design rejected, can I improve it?

Hi my design was rejected. I want to understand where I can improve it, if it is possible. Thank you

Hi, I think, that when reviewer sees an iPhone, he pucks. See this website Then see what part of the market isn’t there. Like, icons for ------ a popular niche that’s rising and not much content is made on it, and you should use this as your drawing topic. Maybe don’t even draw an item in particular, just focus on the subject, afterwards you can use the graphics in more than one item. And this was just a personal thought.

hi i think that maybe a matter of category where u have posted … if u have not posted in the right one, the item will be hard rejected …

Thank you very much for the advice. I will try a different approach, thank you

Thanks for the reply, I sent it in the Vector category. What do you suggest as a category?

i am not sure either … though as this maybe a reason for hard rejection, i was suggesting it …