Design Refresh Coming to Popular Files and Popular Items Pages


Fair enough. Is it possible to still have the list somewhere, maybe not as intrusive as on the popular items page? This simply does motivate me and I’m sure other authors to see if I can get into that list.
There is a top authors list, where authors are ranked by their all time sales. The top 20 of the month list could be positioned there.

Also, does this mean there is no way to get the badge “Became a Top 20 author of the month” anymore, or will this still be issued to Authors?


Jumping in to provide some information on the AJ item cards.

We have no plans to remove the image completely (sorry we suggested otherwise in this thread)

  • in user testing, we found that customers associated the image quality with sound quality. (good image = good quality track) this worked well when the image and track quality matched up

  • however many of the images were detrimental to the track and didn’t represent the actual quality, or didn’t relate to the track at all (the Author avatar instead of a specific image) which proved confusing

  • to balance things out so users would judge an item on the sound instead of the image, we reduced their size

In A/B testing we found the new AJ item card has increased conversion by nearly 3%. We are considering the feedback on how the images have been used for branding, but have no plans to change it at this stage.


Thanks for the clarification, Trent. I’m glad the thumbnails are here to stay.


Thanks for the explanation, I would however consider resizing the thumbnails from micro—>mini, since they are quite hard on the eyes when they are this small.

Important question for how authors should treat thumbnails: Will our portfolio pages/item pages have similiar design with small thumbnails later on, or will the older current layout stay?


Please consider how new AJ tracks will be affected with such a big prominent item cards if you have not analysed this enough. AJ is in critical need of giving new items more exposure versus tracks that sits with monopoly over the common used search words etc. AJ really needs more great decisions like the one planned giving exposure to the sub popular lists.

Thanks again for your efforts!


Are you confident that this relatively small difference is actually statistically significant? It would be surprising in any A/B test of this kind if the results were exactly equal because there is always a degree of random variations in people’s behaviours which may have nothing to do with what is being tested. I suspect it might be more accurate to say that there is no evidence that the new item card does any harm to conversion rather than it definitely improves it.

I'm losing pageviews. What was the benefit of the new Popular Files page design, again?

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