Design not ready for Graphic River


I´ve uploaded a calendar design.
The comment from the Envato Quality reviewer is:

Each design in Illustrator should have their own files to ensure they are backward compatible. Please separate each variation into its own files as well.

I don´t really understand what this means.
There are two folders: “13 pages” (contains 1 .ai file and 1 .pdf file) and “26 pages” (contains 1 .ai file and 1 .pdf file)

How should I seperate it?

I hope you can help me.

Best regards

I might be wrong, but there is a slight possibility that maybe you are using some kind of assets, icons, fonts etc. that are in use in both AI files. Perhaps navigating to Window > Links will solve the issue, you might see photos or anything that is in use for both. Try saving your files separately as packages, I think this could be the solution.

Again, I could be wrong, so maybe someone else needs to confirm

Good luck

Thanks for your reply. I didn´t use any assets and the font is linked in the readme file.
There is only one picture but it´t completely embedded in the .ai file.
Thus I don´t think that this is the problem.
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Ok, let me know what that message means when you get the chance, i am very curious! :grinning:

Sure :slight_smile: Hope anybody can help me

Has anybody an idea? :slight_smile: