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This issues only at Laptop view. If we check in small devices or large screen we will not see that scroll. I think this is only laptop view design issues. css: overflow: scroll; is doing problem there. Hope envato will fix it soon @KingDog



Same here on my desktop. Looks weird!


Yah I saw that on my desktop also.
Thanks for letting us.It’s not a bug deal i thought.
But no worry it will be fixed by Envato Dev Team.

Author page interface error?

I saw the same issue on 23’’ PC. I checked it both Firefox & Chrome. But, the result is the same. The following CSS results that issue:

.user-info-header__user-details {


Same here.


Thanks for letting us know! Our developers are investigating this at the moment.


right i found that


Hi folks, we deployed a fix for this a couple of hours ago. Please speak up if you’re still seeing it!


@rosssimpson, Yes It okay i saw that right now.
Thanks for your reply with solution.


fixed :wink:

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