Design isn't at the quality standard required to move forward

I received an email saying my templates aren’t at the quality standard required to move forward. I want to know what the problem is with my design. I also uploaded flyers and they got hard rejected. Could somebody please help?

With respect these are way off and filled with flaws in just about all design basics esp typography, hierarchy and alignment.

It wouldn’t be hard to find something stronger for free online.

Authors here like @ki-themes @DesignSomething @flyerlicious may have more detail to add

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As explained. It’s starter level design approach, you’re not gonna get any approval anytime soon.

I like the color combination of the fist two, its very strong contrast.
You know the basics i notice but the designs are not special, what other people says is
that it looks like freebees.
Doesn’t look premium designs to me but basic.

Outdated design with typography, hierarchy, and beginner issues.