Derivative Product License

The terms on the license of derivative products are not clear, so I will ask directly.

If an EXCLUSIVE author has a PSD template or another, the product derived from it that can be for wordpress, Joomla, React or another can be a Non-Exclusive product sold by a non-Exclusive author?

for doing this the family product (wordpress, Joomla, React or another) author have to make a collaborations with the psd author.

Check this Author Collaboration article:


In short, what it says is: To make a derivative product or family, a collaboration with the author must be made, that is clear, what it does not mention is about the exclusvity of the derivative product. So my question is clear.

An EXCLUSIVE AUTHOR (whose products are exclusive) can collaborate with a NON-EXCLUSIVE AUTHOR and that the derived product or family is not exclusive and therefore can be sold wherever the non-exclusive author wants, as mentioned in the terms of exclusivity?

No can not according to exclusivity policy.

Does exclusivity extend to related items?

Yes. If you choose to make an item available on an exclusive basis, then any items you create in the same Product Family must also be sold/distributed exclusively on Envato.

In one part it says that if the derived products or families must have the same license. But right at the beginning it says the opposite.

Exclusivity is set at the account level and is opt-in . While exclusivity applies to your account, it only applies to the items (and related items) you sell via that account.

Which means that the family or derivative products are exclusive if it is sold on your exclusive account, but if you have made a collaboration with a non-exclusive author then the derivative is sold as non-exclusive. Nowhere prohibits collaboration with non-exclusive authors. This is what I want Envato to explain.

You can ask this directly to the envato support to get an official answer.

But my personal opinion in this case the collaboration application from the main item (PSD/html template) author will not approve by envato because the main product is exclusively selling at envato and the application for an non-exclusive author to make a family product (WordPress/Joomla/React or another).