denied submission (Help)

Hi Guys I recently put a piece forward for Audiojungle and the submission was turned down can anyone tell me where I’m going wrong Many thanks … Track link below

Hey. On your track, the problems with the mixing … In the upper frequencies hisses, the lower frequencies hum, in general it’s awful …Listen to the top tracks. Good luck!

Hey thanks for the feedback… But I really cant hear any hiss in upper frequencies, Might be a bit woolly on the bottom end… but would they not just ask you to address EQ issues rather hard reject… Thanks again for feedback

On which monitors do you listen and work?

I have 2 setups one in a separate Studio to my house and then a setup in the house where I do a lot of the writing and have been doing a lot of finishing there also… the house setup I’m using Spirit Absolute 2’s
The studio is Rokit 6’s

You need high and low pass filters, I’d say. It’s sounding a little to crisp and boomy on my KRK headphones, which are pretty flat.

Get a new approved track in the same genre with at least 1 sale, compare it to yours and the difference in the mixes will be obvious, doesn’t really matter much which headphones or speakers you’ll use.

Cheers Will check that out…