Denied admission track

All hello. next refuse. I will not understand. so badly or the preconceived relation. on audiojungle, I met tracks with quality on much worse they were accepted and buy. prompt me that - that I do not understand.
P.S. in a letter write, about bad quality of sound.

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The hip-hop genre is not very relevant for AJ. Also, the track is boring, does not have a good flow, has a very quantized, unhuman touch, and doesn’t sound particularly well. So, that will likely be the main reasons for the rejection.


Thank you.


  1. First of all very poor quality of samples - strings, piano. And not dynamical playing (I have feel that all notes has same velocity)
  2. Mixing and mastering quality isn’t enough. Very raw sound. Try to equalisate your track, add verbs, ect.
  3. Also this kind of hip hop not very popular at Aj. Listen top sellers to understand trends. Motivational/orchestral hip hop is better for selling here.
    Good luck! :slight_smile:
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nice track!!!

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Although I do not completely agree with what is being said here about Hiphop at AJ (I think hiphop, and even this type of hiphop has a place here), However, if you want it to be approved, and be ‘sellabe’, the quality has to be higher!

The piano for example is really mechanical sounding, it doesn’t sound ‘human’. Later on, I kinda like the vibe the track sets, but because the intro sounds so cheap, it’s too late.

My advice is: Just continue with what you like to make, if that’s hiphop, great! But invest in better samples!


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You definitely need better samples. Also you need to work more on the track, it’s to repetitive. I guess you want for this track to sound hard, but mix is not good.

I hope this was helpful to you,

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I thank all for council.

Maybe sound and mix is not good and style not very popular at Audiojungle.

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Here’s another track that I submitted for consideration. What do you think about it?

I like it. But it’s not very audiojungleish. Also it should never end with a fadeout! Listen to the best sellers.

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[quote=“Cranberrysauce, post:11, topic:62613”][/quote]

Strange. people who explain about the commercial music say “fadeout” the best option.

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Do they? Sorry, I thought I read somewhere that the endings have to be a clear ending, but no: you can do make a fadeout. Sorry, my wrong:

But check out the popular items, you won’t find many fadeouts.

Ending on the right note

Unless the track loops seamlessly from the end back into the beginning, you should always make your track end naturally either with a proper ending, or with a natural sounding fadeout.

If the music is cut abruptly, or the fade suddenly cuts before completion, utility within professional application settings will be reduced and you’ll be asked to address this issue.

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That’s right yeah

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